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We specialise in providing financial solutions for people who rely on maintenance to provide income for their families following divorce or separation.


Divorce can be a traumatic, expensive and bitter process but it is important for the stability of the family that the financial settlement is secure. If you are currently thinking about getting divorced, you will almost certainly want to be getting advice, whether it be from a family lawyer, from online forums such as Wikivorce or from a financial adviser. MaintenanceAssist is an affiliate member of Resolution which promotes a non confrontational approach to family problems. Resolution’s website can help you to find a family lawyer local to you. Alternatively, more people these days are turning to on-line providers of divorces such as Divorce-online.

If you have children to support and you earn less than your former partner, the chances are you will be eligible for maintenance . This being the case, your former partner will pay you a monthly income to provide for you and your family. Normally, this is written into a legally binding contract called a Consent Order. A Consent Order generally follows divorce but can also be drawn up to make a legally binding agreement for maintenance, even if you were not married. You should discuss this with your family lawyer, or have a look at the fixed price deals on websites like Wikivorce, as it can make the financial agreement with your former partner much more easily enforcible.

There is lots of information on how much maintenance is likely to be payable and there are even on-line calculators to help you calculate the likely amount but it really all depends on your individual circumstances and what you and your legal advisers can agree with your former partner. For some families the government Child Support Agency scheme may be more appropriate and lots more information about the CSA and the new service called Child Maintenance Options can be found on their website.